Blake Lively: I must lie to my child

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24 April 2015

Blake Lively feels she may have to “lie” about her occupation to her daughter.

The 27-year-old actress and her husband Ryan Reynolds welcomed baby James in December 2014.

Blake has starred in some rather erotic scenes in films such as Savages, and the stunning blonde is horrified at the thought of her daughter witnessing such sexy footage in the future.

'I don't want my babies to see this'

"I don't want my babies to see this," Blake told USA Today of some of her earlier, lustful work. "I'm going to have to lie about what I did for a living.”

The Age of Adaline star foresees herself putting family before anything else in the future.

Blake launched digital lifestyle magazine Preserve last year and is also intermingled with the fashion scene. But even though she has a lot on professionally, it’s unlikely business will ever take precedence over her parental duties.

"I have a bad habit of taking on too many things at once. I never want to not give my best to whatever I'm doing," she noted.

"Actually, that sounded better than it was honest. I will let other things fall by the wayside to be the best possible wife and best possible mother I can be. I saw my mother do that. That's the thing I put all my attention towards. You can do everything, but not the best. You can't do everything perfectly."

In The Age of Adaline, Blake portrays the title character Adaline Bowman - a woman who considers forfeiting her immortality for love.

The actress would hate to live forever by herself, but she’d be up for the task if loved ones were by her side.

"Mortality is scary. If I could hand-select my colony of loved ones who could be immortal, sign me up," Blake said. "Even then, you'd start to say that it's too long to be alive. Too much is happening in the world.

"Time is only valuable because of love. Love comes from other people, really. Being alone forever is just a trap."

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