Blake Lively on her post-baby boobs

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09 May 2015

Blake Lively has joked her post-pregnancy breasts are what make her heavier.

The 27-year-old actress looks exceptionally trim considering she welcomed her daughter James, who she has with husband Ryan Reynolds, in December.

She doesn't feel as in shape as she looks though, and Blake admits her assets are weighing her down more now she's a mother.

'it's all in the left boob'

"I'm still 20lbs heavier than I normally am. But it's all up here [points to her breasts]. Yep, it's all in the left boob!" she laughed to British magazine Look. "No, I dress right and you sort of accept that certain things don't look the way that they did before you were pregnant, and just hope that the weight will come off eventually."

It's no wonder Blake feels relaxed about her new figure, as she's already made several big appearances on the red carpet looking fabulous while promoting her new movie The Age of Adaline.

Another area of envy are the star's stunning looks, which triggered her becoming one of the faces of L'Oréal Paris.

When asked who inspired her use of cosmetics, Blake was more than happy to divulge.

"Oh gosh, my mom [Elaine] is the MacGyver of beauty tips," she grinned, referring to the popular fictional TV agent. "If she doesn't have make-up on her, she's been known to lick an Advil [red-coated pain relief pill] and use it as blusher or lip tint. She actually used ashes from an ashtray for eyeshadow once! Like, she will always make something work, for better or worse."

That's not to say Blake follows in her mum's footsteps, revealing she sticks to a good mascara and lipstick as must-haves.

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