Blake Lively shocked by Ryan's criminal clothes

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19 March 2015

Blake Lively was "appalled" when she saw Ryan Reynolds dressed like a "sexual predator".

The 38-year-old actor plays troubled character Jerry in his new movie The Voices, which focuses on a factory worker who is egged on by his pet cat to murder his former lovers.

Wife Blake, who welcomed their first child in December last year, visited him on set frequently and was taken aback the first time she saw him in character.

'I walked into my trailer covered in blood and she was absolutely appalled'

"I remember when my wife came to visit the set of The Voices for the first time. I walked into my trailer covered in blood and she was absolutely appalled. I said: 'I'm sorry. In the next scene they will wash the blood off,'" Ryan recalled to British newspaper Metro.

"But she said it wasn't the blood that freaked her out. It was the hideous jeans and the terrible blackberry shirt that were off-putting. That outfit just screamed sexual predator!"

Ryan jokes he had great respect for the feline he worked with, treating it as he would a leopard. However, the cat unfortunately didn't feel the same and would try to remove his "thorax with its claws" during filming.

Luckily Jerry's pet dog, who tries to set his owner on the straight and narrow throughout the flick, wasn't vicious and instead would produce "a frightening erection" every time Ryan petted him.

This marks the star's return to the big screen following five months of paternity leave. He and Blake are keeping their lips sealed as to the name of their daughter, but he's happy to gush about fatherhood.

"I still find it fascinating that something so common can be so profound," he smiled. "But you have to be very careful. I find that a lot of new parents behave and speak in such a way that it sounds as though they're the only people on Earth who have ever conceived."

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