Blind mom sees baby for the first time

By admin
28 January 2015

An inspirational video shows a mother who was declared blind at the age of 11 seeing her newborn baby.

Kathy Beitz suffers from a hereditary condition known as Stargardt’s Disease, which affects children’s eyes. Children gradually lose their sight but retain some sight in their peripheral field. Often they can make out shapes and distinguish between light and dark.

Now new technology has made it possible for such people to see properly again.

In the video Kathy is provided with one of the new eSight spectacles that help people with her condition to see. The spectacles help her eyes to correctly focus the images from her peripheral field to enable her to see a complete image.

This wasn’t just the first time Kathy saw her son; it was the first time she saw a baby.

Unfortunately the eSight spectacles are expensive, costing more than R170 000. But the developers are hoping to bring the price down soon to permit more people to use them.

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