Blind puppy wins dog lovers’ hearts on Facebook

By admin
31 May 2013

Sporting sunnies or just lounging around his owners' home, golden retriever puppy Ray Charles is winning hearts across the globe.

Even Rihanna has fallen for little Ray Charles the golden retriever puppy ? and liked his image on Instagram.

The cute canine won over the internet with his gorgeous golden coat and big brown eyes. But Ray Charles was born blind.

However this hasn’t stopped him from doing just about anything you’d expect from a puppy, including going for walks and drives, running in the garden and taking lovely dog naps.

A Facebook account was opened for him on 6 March and already the adorable retriever has received nearly 50 000 likes. The page welcomes guests with a message, “Hi, I’m Ray Charles, a golden retriever that was born blind (12/8/12), but don't feel bad for me! I can run and play and do everything else other dogs that can see do! I live at home with my two older brothers, Harley and Jack, and my sister, Maggie!”

Images are regularly uploaded of him dressed up, lounging around the house and even sleeping.

And other dog lovers are also sharing pics of their pooches to Ray Charles’ page, as well as messages such as this one from Brie Zunino, “This puts a smile on my face :) so cute!”

And Monica Molina says, “Ray, you're so cute! Thank God you have a family with an enormous heart. God bless them! I hope you’ll always be happy. Kisses from Argentina”

A real hit, this photogenic puppy has made people the world over fall in love with him. Check out his Facebook page ? and see if you can resist him!

- Faiza Mallick

Source: Facebook

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