Bloem mom 'held daughter down' during rapes

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09 June 2015

A Free State couple has appeared in court for allegedly forcing their daughter, 11, to have sex with men, take drugs, and for leaving their children in their home without food or water.

The investigating officer in the case, Lesenyengo Matekane, told the Bloemfontein Magistrate’s Court that the mother held down her daughter so her friends could rape her, reported Netwerk24. When the child tried to get out of the rapes, the mother, 34, allegedly punched her and tried to break her daughter’s fingers, said Matekane.
'The children were locked in the house without any contact with the outside world'

The couple, who cannot be identified to protect their children’s identities, face charges of rape, sexual exploitation of children, failure to comply with the commission against sexual offences against children and child abuse.

The State is opposing bail.

‘House was a mess’

Officer Matekane also testified that the girl said her mother had done “all the bad things” to them.

According to him, the police began investigating after a social worker complained about the conditions at the house.

“The house was such a mess. The toilets didn’t work, pipes leaked and the house was extremely dirty.

“The children were locked in the house without any contact with the outside world. Our investigations show the couple used the daughter for sex,” said Matekane.

The mother also allegedly forced the daughter and her 9-year-old son to take drugs.

The parents allegedly kept the children out of school and lied to social workers numerous times when they queried the school absence.

When police arrived at the family’s house, the father hid the children in a room under blankets and dirty clothes.

‘Nothing linking dad to the crimes’

Mzimase Ntombela, the couple’s legal representative, said money is the only reason why the children did not go to school.

Their father made between R500-R1 000 every month painting houses.

Ntombela said there was nothing linking the father to the allegations and he should therefore be granted bail. He also argued that the man had skin and lung cancer and was in need of medical care.

He further argued that the couple needed bail so they could see to their home which has apparently been vandalised.

Matekane responded that the couple should report the alleged vandalism to the police. He also said the couple tried to intimidate witnesses and have tried seeing the children.

Bail hearing postponed

Yvonne Phori, the prosecutor, said the parents worked together to abuse their children and that the crimes could not have happened without the father’s knowledge.

If money was the only reason the children did not go to school, they could have asked the government for help.

Grootvlei prison had a hospital wing and if he let the authorities know about his condition, he would immediately receive treatment for it, said the prosecutor.

Magistrate Akona Mqudlwa postponed the bail hearing to Wednesday when he will deliver his judgment.


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