Bloemhof water system sanitised after cholera scare

By admin
30 May 2014

A baby in Bloemhof died on Wednesday after contracting severe diarrhoea. The area has seen an outbreak of water contamination, which has subsequently been cleared.

The water supply system in Bloemhof in the North West has been cleaned and sanitised following water contamination that claimed the life of a baby, the water affairs department said on Friday.

"[The] local municipality drained their whole system, cleaned their sand filters, and the system is now sanitised," spokesman Sputnik Ratau said in a statement.

"The system will be flushed... on Friday."

He said Bloemhof was inspected and no cases of cholera had been reported.

"Officials from the department [and other officials]... went on an inspection visit to the affected area, where water samples were drawn.

"At the moment, cases of diarrhoea have been reported and treated, whereas none of cholera have been reported."

He said the results of the water samples were not yet available.

"The samples were drawn primarily from the main reservoir, the source, and neighbouring schools."

The department said it was aware that the contamination in the area was related to a sewage spillage.

A baby died on Wednesday after contracting severe diarrhoea.

On Friday, the health department said another five babies were admitted to hospital for observation.

Over 200 people were treated in local clinics for diarrhoea this week.


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