Blog: Toddler happiness

By admin
18 June 2013

Blogger Natalie Cavernelis tries a kids’ product range and her toddler makes it quite clear how she feels about it.

It’s 7 pm. Bath time for our toddler and she’s wailing. Wailing because she wants to brush her teeth again, never mind that she’s already brushed them three times tonight. This is a far cry from her normal dental habits which involved the repeat of “no, no, no” when that toothbrush came near her. It took a lot of cajoling to get her to brush her little teeth but we hung in there as it’s such an important habit to get into early.

But all that’s changed. In the past week she’s brushed her teeth more than 30 times (morning and evening). It might be the importance of brushing has dawned on her 20-month-old brain but I suspect it’s down to the light berry taste of the Pure Beginnings Berry Toothpaste she’s been testing.

I tasted it on day two after she shouted, “More”, enthusiastically. It’s a pleasant berriness rather than toothpasty taste and sweetened a little with xylitol so I can see why she likes it. It can also be safely swallowed, as persuading a toddler to rinse and spit is practically impossible. It’s pricey at R29,99 for 75 ml and it means going to baby or health stores or shopping for it at Pure Beginnings’ online store ( but it’s helping to get her into the routine of brushing so I’ll gladly pay a little extra.

Pure Beginnings makes organic products for babies, kids and adults that are free of all sorts of chemicals and fragrances and perfect for soft toddler skin. I tried the Soothing Baby Wash (R64,95 for 200 ml) and Soothing Baby Lotion (R68,95 for 200 ml) which has a lovely light baobab scent and loved that it’s all natural, hence the price.

The Fun Time Bubble Bath (R54,95 for 200 ml) for kids went down very well, with bubbles blown everywhere. A capful gives a bathful of happy-making bubbles and it wasn’t soapy. Plus it’s hard to persuade a toddler not to drink her bath water so it’s good to know the products are all natural.

Now it’s back to bath time and persuading her she doesn’t need to brush her teeth again . . . and I need to stock up on this toothpaste.

-Natalie Cavernelis

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