Bob Hewitt: I’m no molester

By admin
28 September 2012

Tennis legend Bob Hewitt breaks his silence over the allegations of abuse

It has to be one of the most scandalous falls from grace a South African sportsman has ever faced, with woman after woman coming forward to say he molested them when they were children entrusted to his care as tennis coach and mentor.

And their claims were backed up by leading figures in world of tennis who gave damning accounts of his predatory behaviour.

But Bob Hewitt doesn’t bat an eyelid as he declares, “Of course I didn’t molest any of those girls.”

In fact, he wants people to know he’s been victimised – persecuted and accused by his former charges and colleagues to the extent his golden years have been ruined.

“Overnight my life changed for the worse. It’s been traumatic for us all. There has been a good side to it though – the family Hewitt has pulled through and we’re stronger than ever.”

Read more of Sulaiman Phillip’s interview with Bob in YOU 4 October 2012.

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