Bobbi Kristina 'recovery would be a miracle'

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02 February 2015

Bobbi Kristina Brown is reportedly suffering from brain swelling.

A source close to the family told PEOPLE doctors say that while her recovery is technically possible, "if it happens, it'll be a miracle". The 21-year-old daughter of late singer Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown was rushed to hospital Saturday morning after being found unresponsive in a bathtub at her home in Roswell, Georgia. And TMZ reports Bobbi Kristina’s doctors have now placed her “in a medically induced coma for swelling of the brain”. The news site also claims she was found facedown in the tub by her husband Nick Gordon and a friend. It’s unclear exactly how much water was present, but apparently there was for a bath.

'It doesn’t look good'

According to other outlets, her health condition is very poor right now.

“It doesn’t look good,” a source told ET Online. "[Bobbi Kristina’s incident is] no coincidence, [her troubles are] a lot deeper than everyone can see."

According to previous reports, police began life-saving treatment on the scene before Bobbi Kristina was rushed to hospital by ambulance.

Swelling of the brain can be caused by multiple different types of injuries, including tumours, meningitis, high altitudes and drug overdose.

It’s unclear exactly what happened with Bobbi Kristina, as her doctor and other authorities close to the situation have yet to confirm details to the public. However, a source tells TMZ police executed a search warrant on her home this afternoon, but found no drugs in the residence.

Apparently her father Bobby is desperate to be by his daughter’s side in hospital and is flying from Los Angeles to Atlanta in a rush.

Insiders believe Bobby may have to take his daughter off breathing machines and effectively end her life if Bobbi Kristina’s condition doesn’t improve.

“It does not look good. We don’t think Bobbi Kristina is going to pull through,” a source told Hollywood Life. “Bobby will make the decision to pull the plug on Bobbi Kristina, if need be.”

Fans and celebrities like Ciara and Andy Cohen are keeping Bobbi Kristina in their prayers.

Bobbi’s mother Whitney died in February 2012, after being found submerged in the bathtub of her hotel suite in Beverly Hills.

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