Boity and Minnie live it up in NYC

By admin
12 September 2014

Could that Empire State of mind bring these two starlets together again? Minnie and Boity are both living it up in the Big Apple at the moment.

Actresses Minnie Dlamini and Boity Thulo are both living it up in New York City!

The SA starlets are both posting pics of their antics in the Big Apple with Boity using the hashtag #firstinnyc while Minnie's chosen to use #minnieinvadesnyc.

Both shared pictures of themselves at Broadway productions earlier this week - Minnie had been invited to watch Keke Palmer as the first African-American Cinderella and Boity opted to watch The Big Mormon.

We were hoping to see a joint selfie but there hasn't been one yet. The two are said to have been good friends until a fallout in 2012 that neither of them have ever spoken publicly about.

Wouldn't New York be a great place to make up? Maybe we're being a little optimistic but we'll keep checking their posts ...

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