Bok star Odwa's best score yet!

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20 May 2011

It's a beautiful Saturday morning, the perfect day for a wedding – but the groom has some important business to sort out before he can head to the chapel.

Sitting at the back of a luxury car, Springbok wing and celebrated Sharks player Odwa Ndunganelooks slightly nervous.

But his friends following in a convoy are in high spirits and car hooters pierce the calm of the North West town of Klerksdorp.

Odwa paid lobola for his girlfriend of seven years, Kgomotso Mogatwe, and now in keeping with tradition her parents want to see him ahead of the ceremony to welcome him into their family.

The street outside their home fills in a matter of minutes as neighbours come out to catch a glimpse of Odwa (30) and Kgomotso (28).

The couple climb out of their respective cars, having arrived separately as a sign of respect, and enter the face-brick house.

Moments later there’s a cheer from the crowd as the bride and groom emerge, arm in arm and grinning from ear to ear.

She’s dazzling in a gorgeous red and orange butterfly-inspired dress and he’s handsome in a black suit and red shirt with his trademark dreadlocks. They join in the excitement, singing, dancing and posing for pictures before driving off, hooting and singing, to the chapel 20 km away.

With its picturesque lake and sprawling, well-manicured lawns, the Muranti wedding venue is perfect for the romantic occasion.

Sunshine bathes the gardens as the 170 guests, colourfully dressed in traditional garb, file into the chapel. There’s a ripple of excitement as Kgomotso and Odwa walk in together to the traditional song Fiela Fiela. 

Father Melusi Hlatswayo, the presiding minister, blesses them with words of wisdom. “When you have challenges, do not consult single people; consult married couples,” he says.

They will exchange rings and vows at their white wedding in November which will be followed by another traditional ceremony in Odwa’s home town, East London. For now they light a unity candle.

After the church service a jazz band and Tswana dancers provide the entertainment.

The reception area has a colour scheme of red, burnt orange and brown. Chandeliers give the room an elegant and romantic feel. Guests sip on champagne and tuck into a feast of roast chicken and beef stew, rice and vegetables as family and friends take turns to impart more words of wisdom to the couple.

Kgomotso bursts into tears when her mom officially hands her over into “Odwa’s warm arms”.

Ever the gentleman Odwa comforts her but Kgomotso’s clearly still overcome when it’s their turn to make their speeches.

There’s a chorus of “aahs” when he takes the microphone and sings his new wife’s praises. “Today is the beginning of a long but exciting journey for Kgomotso and me. She’s loving, caring and beautiful – inside and out.”

The end of Odwa’s speech is Music Power Jazz Band’s cue to get the party started with a mixture of R&B, reggae and Afro pop. Oblivious to the festivities around them Kgomotso and Odwa have eyes only for each other as they share a tender moment on the dancefloor.

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