Bonnie Mbuli talks to us about taking down the bad guys in her new detective role

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04 February 2014

Bonnie Mbuli transforms into a tomboy for her detective role in etv’s new detective series Traffic!

Bonnie Mbuli plays a tough detective in a new show. Bonnie Mbuli plays a tough detective in a new show, Traffic.

Welcome back, Bonnie Mbuli! The actress will be back on the small screen and plays no-nonsense detective Lungi Mlaba in’s new detective series Traffic!.

The storyline of Traffic! was inspired by human trafficking. Detective Mlaba and her partner Detective Songezo Sibanda, played by Bongo Mbutuma take on the streets of Cape Town to solve crimes. “This was my most challenging role because it was unknown territory and I had no frame of reference. I don’t personally know of any female detectives,” Bonnie told YOU. “The experience was like I was taking acting lessons all over again.” Bonnie’s character had a rough childhood. She found herself mothering her siblings from an early age. According to Bonnie, the crying scenes were emotionally draining and the action scenes, which would take five hours to record, were physically draining.

Bonnie took self-defence and karate classes in order to prepare for the stunts she performs on the show.

She had to ditch her high heels for Dr Martens boots and do away with the lip gloss and mascara. “I channelled my inner tomboy for this role.”

Traffic! premiers on 12 February on at 9.35pm.

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