Book: 77 Shadow Street - Dean Koontz

Rating: 3/5

Dean Koontz has long been one of my favourite thriller writers. He hooked me with international bestsellers such

as Strangers, Watchers, Whispers and Lightning but I initially struggled to read his latest offering because there are so many characters.

At 77 Shadow Street stands a big, luxurious apartment building known as The Pendleton, home to a diverse group of tenants.

There’s a songwriter, an autistic kid, a security guard, a rich scientist, a disgraced ex-senator, a widowed attorney, a driven money manager and a hitman.

It takes a while to get to know them.

A dramatis personae at the beginning of the novel along with a detailed diagram of who lives where would have helped


The novel is more science fiction than Koontz’s usual horror but explaining why would spoil the surprise for readers.

Rather read it yourself, make a list of the characters as you come across them and enjoy a story that has many moments of real stalking horror.

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