BOOK: A Possible Life - Sebastian Faulks

By admin
30 January 2013

Each central character is flawed and compelling, each story sparsely yet richly told.

 Rated: 4/5  This was punted as Faulks’ latest novel but you should know this: it’s more a collection of short stories with a few common threads than a novel. There are five stories, bridging centuries and continents, each dwelling on a central character. For me, three stood out. The first is about school teacher Geoffrey Talbot who lands up in a World War 2 concentration camp, witnessing and carrying out acts of such unimaginable horror they alter his life forever. In the second, a loner of a girl becomes a famous neuroscientist when she discovers the physical processes behind consciousness. And in the third, Jack, a musician, falls for a young singer and watches her develop, only to end up 60 and without her, contemplating the meaning of life.  The meaning of life is a theme throughout the book – it suggests human life is more than just a random amalgamation of atoms, to be snuffed out at death. Don’t be put off by that though – it’s not as esoteric as it sounds. Each central character is flawed and compelling, each story sparsely yet richly told. It’s an enjoyable book – just don’t expect a novel.


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