Book: Adele Parks - Men I've loved before

Neil and Nat seem to be perfectly matched – they hate Marmite and opera, they love reality TV and the missionary position.

Most importantly, they both don’t want to have kids. At least that’s what Nat thought until Neil starts begging her to have a baby. She’s not happy about his change of heart.

Their relationship unravels when he starts visiting strip clubs and bonds with a stripper who is a mom.

Meanwhile a frustrated Nat starts delving into her past in a bid to look for answers. Could one of her exes be Mr Right?

How do you know when you’ve found “the one”? As she searches for clarity she’s forced to acknowledge deep wounds from her childhood.

Parks writes with wit and intellect that makes this more than just your average chick lit novel. I found it refreshing to see the baby issue from a man’s point of view.

Men I've loved before by Adele Parks

Headline, R203,95

Rating: 4/5