Book: And The Mountains Echoed - Khaled Hosseini

By admin
12 July 2013

In Afghanistan a father decides to give away one of his children so she can begin a new life with a wealthy family who can provide her with all the things he can’t.

It’s just the kind of heartbreaking scenario that fans have come to expect from the bestselling author of The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns.

This time Hosseini has a surprise up his sleeve. Instead of dwelling on one set of characters he broadens his focus to deliver a tale that explores the impact of the father’s decision and how it echoes across generations and continents.

In some instances the chapters could be read as stand-alone short stories – but they’re all linked, sometimes rather tenuously, by the cen- tral tragedy. As each new chapter begins it takes a while to figure out where the new character fits into the bigger picture.

Although this book doesn’t pack quite the same punch as Hosseini’s other work it’s still very moving and thought-provoking and you have to admire the author for having the guts to stick his neck out and try something new.


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