Book: Andrew Faull - Behind the Scenes

By admin
15 October 2010

South Africa’s police force is often accused of being slow to respond and its members are labelled corrupt or dismissed

as fat, lazy and stupid.

Now we finally get a chance to listen to their side of the story.

In this moving collection by Andrew Faull, a researcher at the Institute for Security Studies who is also a police reservist, 28 former and current officers share their experiences.

They talk about how they dreamt about becoming policemen, what their training was like, how they experienced transformation and the perseverance it takes to see through a difficult investigation.

Some frank, some harrowing, these confessions include details on what it’s like to be shot at and to kill and how it feels when a colleague dies next to you in the line of duty.

By revealing the human face behind the badge this book provides necessary insight into the tremendous impact crime has on the hearts, minds and personal lives of our men and women in blue.

Behind the Badge by Andrew Faull

Random House Struik


Rating: 3/5

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