Book: Barbara Trapido - Sex & Stravinsky

By admin
10 December 2010

Trapido’s wonderful, award-winning book Brother of the More Famous Jack was the one that made her famous – and it was also a quintessentially ’80s British novel.

So when this South-African-born writer who married an Oxford don turned her attention back to her roots I was understandably suspicious.

I shouldn’t have been.

The story of South African Josh, born in a mining town but now teaching mime in Bristol, is interwoven with that of his estranged and genetically unhappy Australian wife, Caroline, their displaced daughter Zoë who’s on a bizarre holiday in France, Josh’s first love Hattie, who’s writing ballet books for girls on the east coast of Africa and one-time backyard housemaid’s child Jack who has journeyed through Africa to Milan and back again.

It’s a novel about identity, both emotional and national, and it’s quite simply brilliant.

Sex & Stravinsky by Barbara Trapido

Bloomsbury, R180

Rating: 4/5

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