Book: Basil van Rooyen - Get your book published in 30 (relatively) easy steps

By admin
26 November 2010

Before you put pen to paper or start typing away at your Great South African novel it’s best to do some research.

And this is what this book is there for. What do the names of the top 100 books published locally and internationally tell you – maybe you’ll find an idea for a bestseller there.

How should you structure your book, illustrate your theme, negotiate a contract with your publisher?

If you have a question this handy guide will have the answer. If you want to know if you can make money from publishing your own book it gives you all the pros and cons.

Copyright is discussed, as are many other tricky subjects, by giving the short answer first, then referring to the more detailed one.

Budding authors are guided with clear, concise and detailed information from start to finish and in the process entertained with an array of anecdotes designed to teach by example.

Sound advice seasoned with a pinch of realism for anyone who’s passionate about writing and wants to see their name in print.

Get your book published in 30 (relatively) easy steps by Basil van Rooyen

Penguin, R150

Rating: 3/5

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