Book: Believing the Lie - Elizabeth George

By admin
05 April 2012

New Scotland Yard’s Inspector Thomas Lynley and his trusty detective sergeant, Barbara Havers, have both been through a lot.

As book 17 begins Lynley, still grieving for his murdered wife, has started an affair with his horrid boss, Isabelle Ardery. Meanwhile said boss is forcing Havers to have a makeover (torture for the poor detective who prefers to cut her own hair).

Lynley is sent to investigate a drowning at the request of the victim’s rich uncle, Lord Bernard Fairclough, who fears his son might have been involved. The main suspects are the incredibly dysfunctional Fairclough family, who all seem to have their own murky secrets.

The novel is less a crime thriller and more a psychological analysis of a nasty family consumed by lies. Though more Lynley and Havers would have been appreciated, it’s an intriguing read.

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