Book: Bill Bryson - At home

By admin
24 December 2011

Author Bill Bryson asserts that the history of private life is a history of getting comfortable slowly and it’s amazing how recently many First World creature comforts became possible – hot water, electricity, ice – and a bed of your own that won’t be invaded by a stranger (except at your behest, of course).

Bryson invites you to meander through his English home – a Norfolk rectory – and, like an affable tour guide, entertains with witty and fascinating historical nuggets distilled from his impressive bibliography.

Most striking is how utterly spoilt many of us are today and how wretchedly hard life must have been, especially if you were a servant in a stately home in the days before washing machines and flushing toilets.

Dip in and out of this sprawling book jampacked with oddities, insights and laugh-out-loud moments – and while you’re at it count your blessings!

At home by Bill Bryson

Doubleday, R252,95

Rating: 4/5

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