Book: Born to Run

By admin
09 February 2010

Humans were born to run, it’s just a matter of your natural ability winning the battle against negative thinking.

At least this is the conclusion drawn by former war correspondent and first-time author Christopher McDougall in a fascinating, awe-inspiring tale of the evolution of humans as endurance runners and the offbeat world of long-distance runners.

This well-researched book takes you with McDougall as he discovers the running secrets of a forgotten Mexican tribe and their Western counterparts.

This hodgepodge group of men and women – including a recluse named the White Horse and a barefoot chatterbox – is preparing for the ultimate race: 80?km across a harsh scrub-and-canyon desert landscape in searing heat.

Enlightening and beautifully told, this tale makes you want to grab your running shoes and push yourself a little further.

Book: Born to Run

Author: Christopher McDougal

Publisher: Profile Books

Price: R199,95

What we think: 5/5

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