Book: Cape Lives of the Eighteenth Century - Karel Schoeman

By admin
16 March 2012

Rating: 3/5

There’s only one way to travel back in time and that’s with a well-written, well-researched book that lets you experience the lives of individuals.

Schoeman researched the lives of 18 Cape settlers in the 18th century and relates their stories within the social, economic and political context of the period.

He takes you on a journey through their ups and downs and you discover just how radically different life was 300 years ago. There are tales about slaves, the indigenous populations, settlers and officials.

Read this historical account to really understand how the Cape Colony with all its turbulent undercurrents was established and where many South Africans hail from – because history is not made up of only well-known figures but also of the lives of the ordinary people of the time; people like us.

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