Book: Cell 8 - Anders Roslund & Börge Hellström

Rating: 3/5

Singer John Schwarz kicks a drunken lout in the face, leaving him in a coma. He’s arrested and police discover he’s been living in Sweden under a false identity.

It emerges that when he was 17 he was convicted of murder in America and sent to death row where  he died of a heart attack – or so it seemed.

The US wants him back but Sweden doesn’t have the death penalty and is reluctant to send him to a certain end. This is where Cell 8 switches from being a crime thriller into a passionate lecture against the death penalty.

The story moves along at a brisk pace. The reader finds out how John escaped death row and there’s a surprising twist. But if you believe in an eye for eye, you should stay away from Cell 8.

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