Book: Danny Wallace - Awkward situations for men

London Sunday Times columnist Danny Wallaceshot to fame with his 2005 book Yes Man, which was turned into a movie starring Jim Carrey.

His new book is a collection of his columns that have appeared in various British publications, all about those embarrassing situations men find themselves in from time to time – forgetting the name of someone you’re supposed to know, mistaking a woman for a man, getting caught staring at someone . . . then getting even deeper into poo when you try to backtrack.

Each chapter is a short, undemanding read as Wallace takes you through a year in his life, doing perfectly innocent, ordinary things but getting into trouble every time.

It’s also the year in which he becomes a father, giving the book a heartwarming “aw, sweet!” element. He writes from a man’s point of view but red-faced moments happen to everybody and everyone should enjoy this funny, gentle, charming take on modern life.

Awkward situations for men by Danny Wallace

Ebury Press, R195

Rating: 3/5