Book: David Gibbins - The Tiger Warrior

Ragged Roman soldiers escaping across central Asia after decades of imprisonment by the Parthians discover objects of immense value with a link to the creator of an empire far to the east – and his devoted guardians, the Tiger Warriors.

A British officer campaigning in 18th-century India witnesses a horror that persuades him to leave the army and he eventually disappears.

Flash to the present and adventurous marine archaeologist Jack Howard, related to that officer, unearths undersea artefacts that put him on a treasure hunt that inexorably ties into all that history – and puts his life at risk.

That’s a lot of bounding around backwards and forwards through history and keeping track can be a challenge.

Gibbins, a schooled and experienced underwater archaeologist, is an accomplished writer.

He has three other novels to his name and is meticulous in researching and presenting historical context, which earns this book its third star. It is, at heart, a readable story.

The Tiger Warrior by David Gibbins

Headline, R125

Rating: 3/5