Book: Endings and Beginnings

By admin
13 August 2013

Jane Vorster takes a look at the most addictive reads currently on shelves.

By Redi Thlabi, Jacana (R168*)  rating 4/5

Radio personality Redi Thlabi has been making waves with this book, winning awards, and now a movie is in the pipeline. It’s a work of nonfiction which charts the unorthodox relationship she struck up with Mabegzo, a gangster, murderer and rapist, when she was growing up in Soweto. When she was 11 they crossed paths and developed a special connection as he helped her to deal with the pain that lingered from the death of her father. But the friendship lasted only a short while before Mabegzo was killed. The real power of this book is what happens afterwards. When she’s grown up Thlabi goes in search of Mabegzo’s family to piece together his life and figure out why he turned out the way he did, and how it was that a man who was so violent could treat her with such tenderness. The answers she comes up with are surprising, poignant and deeply disturbing. This is one of those rare books that will haunt you for days after you finish it. Don’t wait for the movie – read it now!


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