Book: Eric Boakye with Augustina Boakye - Proven Methods of Making Money

Sole proprietorship, cost-benefit analysis, buying shares, inflation and cash-generating structures.

Freaked out? Don’t be because there’s no reason for these terms to sound like Greek to you any more and understanding them can make you rich, say the authors of this book subtitled Secrets of the Rich Revealed: Building Wealth in South Africa.

This book offers something for everybody, whether you’ve just entered the workplace and started earning your own money or are reasonably established.

Basically, if you want financial freedom making money comes second to knowing how to manage it properly, the authors reckon. They show you how to make good financial decisions that will help you to make and protect your wealth for life.

The book also provides tips on how to go about starting your own business if you feel you were born to be an entrepreneur. It’s also a great read for people who consider themselves to be economically challenged and who live from one salary cheque to the next.

Proven Methods Proven Methods of Making Money by Eric Boakye with Augustina Boakye

Quickfox Publishing, R195

Rating: 3/5