Book: Ernst van Jaarsveld - Waterwise Gardening in South Africa and Namibia

By admin
29 October 2010

No matter where you live, whether you have just a patch of ground or a vast estate, this book will show you how to set up a garden that’s colourful and easy to maintain.

Horticulturist Ernst van Jaarsveld has worked with indigenous plants for 35 years and with Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden in Cape Town since 1976.

His book is for anyone who wants a beautiful garden that doesn’t deplete precious water resources.

He divides South Africa and Namibia into regions and gives easy-to-follow advice on choosing suitable indigenous plants for each area, plants that occur naturally and need little, if any, human input such as watering.

Also included are plant lists to create the right kind of garden for your region, advice on how and where to plant, feeding and maintainance and general horticultural tips to become the envy of your neighbourhood.

Beautifully illustrated, this helpful guide gives you all the info you need to revamp your garden in time for summer.

Waterwise Gardening in South Africa and Namibia by Ernst van Jaarsveld

Struik Lifestyle, R300

Rating: 4/5

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