Book: Fallen - Karin Slaughter

By admin
09 December 2011

Rating: 3/5

Faith Mitchell’s mother is babysitting her infant granddaughter, but she isn’t answering her phone so Faith decides to drive over to find out what’s going on.

She finds the front door open, blood on the handle, a body in the laundry room, and a hostage situation, which turns deadly.

Her daughter is unharmed, locked in a shed, but where is her mother who, like Faith, is a police officer? Could she be involved in questionable activities? Faith will need the help of her old colleague, Will Trent, and Dr Sara Linton to solve the riddle.

Faith’s detective work turns up things she doesn’t always want to believe. Solving the many crimes requires thorough investigation and the answers often raise more questions. Meanwhile Sara has to deal with her own

domestic problems, and Will Trent proves not to be the easiest guy to work with.

A great, thrilling crime novel packed with gruesome violence, tough situations, dark secrets and believable characters. Read it with all the lights on.

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