Book: Ford County

By admin
22 February 2010

This collection of short stories is set in the fictional town of Clanton, Mississippi. Out of a population of 10 000, 51 are lawyers. It’s the sort of town in which Grisham lived and practised law for nearly a decade.

Some of the seven stories are poignantly funny. In Blood Drive three young guys pile into a truck with the idea of donating blood to save the life of a guy who has been injured in an accident. Along the way they get drunk and visit a house of ill repute, and when they finally get to Memphis they don’t even know which hospital the man’s in.

Fetching Raymond also involves a road trip. This time two brothers drive with their mother to a prison where their brother is to be executed for ¬murder. And they return with his body.

John Grisham brings Ford County to vivid and colourful life. This is some of the best writing he has ever done.

FORD COUNTY by John Grisham (R298, Doubleday)

Rating: 4/5

Reviewer: André P Brink

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