Book: Gallows Hill - Margie Orford

By admin
16 March 2012

Rating: 4/5

This new thriller by SA’s best female crime writer takes the reader into the intriguing criminal domain of talented investigative profiler Clare Hart and her unconventional cop lover, Riedwaan Faizel.

They’re embroiled in a baffling case when hundreds of human bones surface at an illegal building site in Green Point, Cape Town.

Hart’s interest is piqued but when a woman’s skeleton – of much younger vintage and enrobed in a silky green dress – is found jammed into a small box, she becomes transfixed.

Orford throws history, art, culture, relationships and general skulduggery into her mesmerising melting pot with intelligence and insight.

The plot, which stumbles only slightly as it draws to a too-hasty close, is packed with tension and the home-grown characters are well drawn. All in all a satisfying read.

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