Book: Gardening with Keith Kirsten - Keith Kirsten

By admin
24 February 2012

Rating: 4/5

If your eyes glaze over in garden centres at the ­mystifying array of weedkillers, compost and fertilisers, never mind the bewildering variety of plants, this is the book for you.

This third edition of gardening guru Keith Kirsten’s book is packed with practical advice and information to help you green your world.

Tailor-made for the South African garden, it tells you what will grow when in a comprehensive month-by-month guide for your region.

Learn to improve your soil with the right fertiliser from the list of products available in SA stores.

There’s advice on making cuttings, pruning, digging beds and creating your own vegetable garden.

Pest problem? No problem. Identify the culprit by picture then find the remedy. Learn to spot and stop alien invaders.

Then there’s a directory of more than 2 000 plants with advice on how and where to grow them. This book is a confidence-booster for the overwhelmed beginner and valuable reference in any home.

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