Book: Geddin the hole! - Frazer Grundy

By admin
25 November 2011

Rating: 3/5

This is a humorous look at the competitive and cut-throat world of golf. Set on the fairways of Westlake and Steenberg golf clubs in Cape Town, it tells the story of the Ferkaryer Four whose main ambition is to take on the odious Bingley and beat him in a prestigious competition.

To say why each of them feels so strongly about doing this would be to give away the plot of this well-crafted story. Suffice to say there is enough monkey business and high jinks to keep the reader entertained from start to finish.

Speedy, the narrator, tells the story in a fresh and engaging voice and each of the Ferkaryer Four is endearing in his own way: fumbling, bumbling Lofty; Big G the gentle, chivalrous giant; Dodgy whose name says it all; and Speedy whose progress around the golf course is in no way a reflection of his nickname.

Although I know little about golf I enjoyed the story immensely. The Ferkaryer Four offer great scope for future adventure (and misadventure). I hope this is the first of many stories about them.

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