Book: GJ Moffat - Fall Out

By admin
15 July 2011

Detective Rebecca Irvine is on a road trip with rocker Roddy, who wants to get away from the temptation of drugs. Her divorce has just come through and she’s on compassionate leave to clear her head.

However she’s not pining over her ex-husband: she’s dating lawyer Logan Finch but it’s complicated to say the least – they met at the murder scene of his ex-girlfriend, Penny.

It was there that Logan discovered he had an 11-year-old daughter. He now works with close-protection operatives (CPOs) who helped him track down Penny’s murderers but his past comes back to haunt them.

An explosion targets the CPOs while they’re watching over a budding movie star.

They thought they’d got rid of the gang that butchered Penny but unbeknown to them the real head of the crime ring is alive and well and he has ordered his best hitman to go after them.

GJ Moffat succeeds in weaving a nailbiting plot and he delivers it at a relentless pace that will leave you holding your breath. A definite page-turner.

Fall Out by GJ Moffat

Hachette, R185

Rating: 3/5 

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