Book: Gordon Ramsay - Ramsay's best menus

He’s known for his liberal use of the f-word and made headlines in South African recently when he was fired by the posh One & Only hotel in Cape Town but don’t let that put you off.

The man may be a flawed celeb but can he cook.

This book is a spinoff of his latest TV series in the UK, Ramsay’s Best Restaurant, and it showcases the usual: seasonal menus featuring a number of international cuisines.

The book also has a great edge. Not only does it have 190 recipes but pages are set out in such a way that the book can be cut into three horizontally to enable you to mix and match menus.

Fresh and flavourful ingredients are used, often instead of exotic or expensive options.

A good example is the pan-fried hake with tomato relish and mash and the bread pudding made with French loaf.

There’s lots to explore without breaking the bank.

Ramsay's best menus by Gordon Ramsay

Quadrille, R296

Rating: 4/5