Book: Gordon Reece - Mice

Sixteen-year-old Shelley and her mother are as timid as mice, terrified of confrontation of any kind.

And in a cruel world where it’s often a case of survival of the fittest their inability to stand up for them­selves leaves them vulnerable and dangerously exposed.

Shelley has endured terrible bullying at school while her mom is recovering from a nasty divorce.

They move to a cottage in the countryside, hoping to escape their problems. But one night their fragile peace is shattered.

In a moment of anger Shelley does something that turns their lives upside down, calling everything they believe about decency and justice into question.

This compelling thriller aimed at both adults and teenagers is widely tipped to be one of the most talked-about releases of the year.

Cleverly structured and masterfully written, it’s one of those novels you can’t put down and you’ll think about long after you’ve devoured the last page.

Mice by Gordon Reece

Mantle, R174,21

Rating: 4/5