BOOK: Invisible Furies - Michiel Heyns

By admin
07 November 2012

Heyns delivers yet another dense, descriptive and utterly compelling novel.

Rated: 3/5

Decades after fleeing Paris dejected and heartbroken, Christopher Turner returns at the behest of his old friend Daniel de Villiers. His mission is to find Daniel’s errant son and heir, Eric, and bring him home to marry a local girl and take over the family’s Franschhoek wine farm.

But the suave youngster Christopher encounters is nothing like the spoilt, uncouth youth he remembers – Paris has done wonders for him. Eric, as a claqueur (one hired to look beautiful and lead the applause at fashion shows), has gained dubious entry into the Parisian in-crowd and plans to marry the stunning, if ageing, former South African supermodel Beatrice du Plessis.

Paris weaves its spell anew as Christopher is drawn into Eric’s world and gets to know his associates – until he’s sharply reminded of the dangerous ambiguity of beauty and the reason he fled Paris in the first place.

Following the success of Lost Ground (winner of the 2012 Sunday Times Fiction Prize), Heyns delivers yet another dense, descriptive and utterly compelling novel in which he deftly and ironically explores the thought-provoking themes of beauty, love, loyalty, patriotism, morality and friendship. Don’t miss it.


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