Book: Ivan Vladislavic – Flashback Hotel: Early Stories

By admin
08 October 2010

These short stories by award-winning local writerIvan Vladislavic previously appeared in the collections Missing Persons (1989) and Propaganda by Monuments (1996).

They bring an element of magic, or flights of fantasy, to everyday events and ordinary people, revealing underlying absurdities and layers of meaning.

Mostly set against the end of apartheid and the birth of a new SA these tales now have a historical quality about them – one gets a feeling for the traumatic times during which they were conceived yet they’re loaded with humour and their power to enthrall and entertain are undiminished.

A book editor by profession, Vladislavic is an extremely skilled, precise word artist. There’s no fat; every thought is perfectly articulated and the words so carefully chosen they seem pre-ordained.

As good as prose gets.

Flashback Hotel: Early Stories by Ivan Vladislavic

Umuzi, R180

Rating: 4/5

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