Book: Jamie Oliver - Jamie's 30 minute meals

By admin
17 February 2011

Clever Jamie! He calls his new book a revolutionary approach to cooking good food fast and it’s exactly that.

Anyone who cooks knows you don’t make courses in isolation of one another and this is what Jamie recognises.

Rather than a catalogue of recipes the popular British TV chef has come up with 50 mouthwatering feasts – a main, a side and a pud for ­example – each of which takes 30 minutes or less to prepare (at Jamie’s breakneck pace, it must be said).

Each menu is tackled in a ­logical way, providing clever shortcuts and blessed structure to a process many find intimidating.

So you might begin preparing dessert, then start the salad, move on to the main course, then finish the salad and so on, until everything comes together triumphantly at the end.

Lovely layout and beautiful photography. A great gift for nervy beginners or seasoned foodies.

Jamie's 30 minute meals by Jamie Oliver

Michael Joseph, R280

Rating: 4/5

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