Book: Jo Nesbo - The Leopard

Scandinavian writers are producing incredible novels and Norwegian Jo Nesbo is among the region’s top crime writers.

The Leopard is his eighth translated book featuring driven, melancholic, alcoholic detective Harry Hole (pronounced HEU-leh).

It’s worth reading the preceding book, The Snowman, for insight into Harry who starts this one dealing with the aftermath of his previous case.

He’s gone AWOL but is drawn back to Oslo where a serial killer is on the prowl. People are being killed rather gruesomely and the only thing connecting them is that they were briefly at a mountain lodge at the same time.

The novel is quite long and could easily have been trimmed by about 100 pages but it’s still a gripping read.

The snowy setting also adds a dramatic dimension. However comparisons on the cover to Stieg Larsson are misleading and unfair to Nesbo as their books have little in common apart from being written by Scandinavian authors.

The Leopard by Jo Nesbo

Harvill Secker, R185

Rating: 3/5