Book: John Farndondo - Do you think you're clever?

By admin
08 October 2010

Depending on your mood you could feel quite inspired or really deflated when reading this book.

You could think out of the box when you see a question such as “What happens if I drop an ant?” or stare blankly at the page, feeling rather dumb.

The 75 questions were posed in admissions tests set by Cambridge and Oxford universities in the UK.

Topics range from politics and maths to literature and philosophy and the questions are designed to identify the cream of the intellectual crop.

The way in which you tackle the question is more important than your answer.

It’s not the kind of book you read from start to finish in one sitting but it’s entertaining enough to dip into.

If nothing else it makes an interesting topic for small talk. And if you’re really wondering – the short answer is the ant is okay because it’s too light to be hurt when dropped.

Do you think you're clever? The Oxbridge questions by John Farndon

Totem Books, R151,95

Rating: 3/5

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