Book: Justin Cronin – The Passage

By admin
23 September 2010

“Something is coming”, the cover states ominously – it’s only when you’ve read a good chunk of the novel that you realise how grim the story is about to get. Don’t let that put you off.

Though I’m not a fan of science fiction I became completely engrossed in this disturbing tale about what happens to humanity when the boffins get things horribly wrong.

No one could have predicted the resultant fall-out when the paths of scientists, criminals, nuns and a little girl cross.

The first part is set in familiar modern society and after an ambitious scientific experiment ends in disaster the story fast-forwards 100 years to where civilisation has crumbled and chaos reigns.

Cronin uses dozens of charac­ters as narrators but the story is so well structured you don’t ever feel lost.

The Passage by Justin Cronin

Orion Books, R210

Rating: 3/5

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