Book: Kenneth Newman - Newman's Birds By Colour (3rd edition)

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28 February 2011

Can you tell an African firefinch from a red-throated twinspot?

They are exquisite birds similar in size and appearance and if you saw one the feature you are most likely to remember is its colour. That’s where this book is so handy – the chapters group birds according to predominant plumage colour.

Each of the lovely illustrations by the late Kenneth Newman is accompanied by the bird’s name, a brief description of its appearance and size and a map showing the area where it’s found.

This clear, concise and easy-to-navigate section is enough to make the book great for fledgling birders.

But there’s a bonus: it starts with a general guide to birds with fascinating facts about their anatomy, habits and habitats plus tips on where and how to go birding.

There’s even a section on how to use the more comprehensive Newman’s Birds of Southern Africa so you can work towards becoming a twitcher of note.

Newman's Birds By Colour by Kenneth Newman

Random House Struik, R210

Rating: 4/5

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