Book: Kind of Cruel - Sophie Hannah

By admin
18 May 2012

Rating: 4/5

After discovering the menacing delight of Sophie Hannah’s psychological thrillers only last year, I devoured her books in quick succession and couldn’t wait to get my hands on her new one.

As usual it’s all twisty and compelling and told from multiple points of view.

Insomniac Amber consults a hypnotherapist desperate for a good night’s sleep. But in the middle of the session she blurts out the words “kind, cruel, kind of cruel”.

She has no idea what they mean but knows she’s seen them written down somewhere and is convinced it was on the notepad of a woman waiting outside the hypnotherapist’s office for her appointment.

But those baffling words were also found scribbled in a murdered woman’s flat and the police, including regular characters Simon Waterhouse and Charlie Zailer, had not revealed it to the public.

Amber, hauled in for questioning, doesn’t know the victim and is keen to find out what’s going on – and the reader will be too.

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