Book: Kitchen Boy - Jenny Hobbs

By admin
13 January 2012

Rating: 3/5

War hero, Springbok rugby legend, successful businessman, husband and father – JJ Kitching, known to most as Kitchen Boy, lived his life to the full. Now he’s dead.

The story of his life is told through the thoughts of those attending his funeral who recall his childhood in Natal, heroics during World War 2 and successful rugby and business careers.

It isn’t just rosy memories though. The war damaged this seemingly perfect man beyond repair and he had a shameful secret he had to carry with him all his life.

While Hobbs’ book isn’t outright anti-war, it does give the reader insight into the devastating effects war can have on a man and how it can forever tarnish his relationships with those closest to him.

The novel’s strength lies in its well-developed characters – they might not always be likeable but it’s easy to relate to them and you can understand why they act the way they do.

This, in addition to a dash of humour, makes Kitchen Boy a rewarding and memorable read.

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