Book: Laurie Graham - Life According To Lubka

Buzz Wexler is in denial about her name (Beryl), age (42) and the fact that her days as a high-flying urban-music promoter are numbered.

So she is mortified when she’s moved to the world-music division and saddled with a group of touring Bulgarian folk singers.

Little does Buzz know this is the beginning of a journey that will force her out of her drug-fuelled self-absorption.

In a comic twist Buzz, unhappy about having to mentor five women, becomes the one who’s most in need of help.

Through Lubka, the group’s backbone, she learns to see life in a new way and experience the beauty of the music she shuns, and in the end makes peace with herself.

The story is told in a way that evokes empathy for the not-often-likeable Buzz, and will have you in stitches as you navigate the English language according to Lubka and Olga, the singers’ interpreter.

A very entertaining read.

Life According To Lubka by Laurie Graham

Quercus, R189,95

Rating: 4/5