Book: Letters To My Children - Jonathan Jansen

By admin
06 June 2012

It started out as advice Professor Jonathan Jansen, vice chancellor of the University of the Free State, dished out to his two children – but the prof’s wise words were too good not to share and he put them on the internet where thousands followed his thoughts about life, love and how to be a more compassionate, thinking human being. 

These insights have now been collected into a book and the beauty is that because they were originally written for Twitter they’re never longer than 140 characters, making them easy to read and remember.

From the perceptive (“A person who starts a sentence with ‘to be honest with you’ is probably not”), to the practical (“Do not test hot-cold taps while standing under the shower”), to the profound (“The key to successful leadership is discovering your own brokenness”) to the just plain funny (“Speak more than one language – it will improve your love-life”), there’s a piece of advice to suit everyone.

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