Book: Melly, Fatty and Me - Edyth Bulbring

By admin
18 November 2011

This is the sequel to Melly, Mrs Ho and Me, the “me” being April-May February, the so-called “calendar girl” whose parents couldn’t agree on which month of the year to name her after.

The countdown has begun to the 2010 World Cup and April-May’s father, aka Fluffy, has a great idea: turning the garage into an en suite and renting it out to soccer-loving foreigners.

But it’s a recipe for disaster – and Mrs Ho, Fluffy’s girlfriend, is none too charmed.

Meanwhile there’s a new boy in April-May’s class, Ericca Ntona, and like her he’s a bursary kid at snooty Trinity College.

Although they get off to a bad start they become pals – and when April-May’s best friend, Melly, returns from a health crisis they become intent on finding a home for an insane dog and tracking down Fatty’s parents.

It’s an enchanting read – funny, perceptive and poignant.

It also makes several observations about love, friend-ship and tolerance and how different families can still be functional if you’re prepared for a bumpy but never boring ride. Younger teens will love it.

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